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2013 Chardonnay, Lodi


Fruity and easy to drink, Chardonnays can be paired with just about any dish involving eggs, fish or fowl. This popular white wine generally comes in two styles; showing either a steely, fruitlike and crisp character or barrel-fermented, rounder and buttery flavors.

Winemaker's Notes

“The perfect summer sipping Chardonnay’ Blended from cool Lodi appellation grapes and barrel fermented. This wine is well balanced with forward green apple, butterscotch and toffee aromas, that lead to a smooth mouth filling finish.

Food Pairings & Recipes

Crisp and crunchy on the outside, gooey and warm on the inside.

Good quality bread
Oka or good quality cheese slices
Sprinkle of chipotle pepper
Dill pickles

Butter both sides of slices of bread; add your favorite cheese and sprinkle the cheese with a small amount of chipotle pepper. Top with a second slice of bread.

On a medium heat, let the pan heat up for about 15 seconds then glide the sandwich into the pan.Next, cover the pan with a lid - doing this helps evenly distribute the heat to the sandwich for optimum melting.

When the underside of the sandwich is golden brown and the cheese is melting out the sides, turn over the sandwich and brown the other side over medium heat. The second side grills much faster than the first, 1-2 mins.

Once the second side is crisp and golden, remove it from the pan, slice your sandwich and serve with some garlic dill pickles. The combination can't be beat!



2010 Consumer Wine Awards - Bronze medal 2010 W.S.W.A. - Bronze medal 2010 West Coast Competition - Bronze medal

13.1% alcohol

Bottle Price: $18.00Qty.
Case Price: $194.00Qty.
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